47 Elven Tails, Elder Scrolls Online

47 Elven Tails: The Lusty Dunmer Mage


Llenis Seleth: My staff works just fine, Sera. I beg you not to touch it.

Llandras Redoran: When did you last polish it, boy? If you will just let me test it for you!

Llenis Seleth: Test your own staff, Sera! I do not understand why you have such interest in mine.

Llandras Redoran: My own staff works beautifully, I have tested it many times. I could show you the extent of its raw power if you like.

Llenis Seleth: My staff pales in comparison before yours, Sera. It has not half the magic as yours.

Llandras Redoran: Which can easily be fixed with mine, dear boy. I have trained many others with their own.

Llenis Seleth: I fear my staff may not be able to handle the fire that comes out of yours.

Llandras Redoran: The fire from my staff will invigorate yours immensely. You will feel the heat pulsing through your hands.

Llenis Seleth: Will it… survive the ordeal?

Llandras Redoran: Of course! It may even shoot a few sparks at the end.