Skeletons and a Stolen Guar

Last month I received a message from the lovely Kljindra Star-Sworn inviting me to contribute to her website, Scrolls Abound!, which is a delightful collection of first-person accounts of actual in-game events. I’ve never considered myself to be much of a fiction writer but I thought I’d give it a shot anyway. So I sent Kljindra a draft based on some past guild events and somewhat apprehensively awaited her response, for we do tend to get up to some very strange things in our guild at times. Thankfully she liked it, and it now occupies a little corner of her website, along with many other fascinating tales. Check out the rest of the website if you’re interested, or feel free to submit your own story if it tickles your fancy.

As a preview, here’s the first of the two letters that can be found there:

My dearest Voghnar,

I’m sure you must have been wondering why your shipment of sujamma berries and kwama eggs is so late this month. My fool of a dunmer assistant has returned to the plantation early (and empty-handed, no less) with yet another tall tale. I do not believe that there is any truth to it, and I know not what I am going to do with him. Perhaps I’ll put him to work in the farm, or better yet, send him down into the mines to collect eggs (a few bites would do him good, don’t you think?)

I hope your business isn’t doing too badly for lack of the goods; I know how much your dunmeri patrons love Liliah’s sujamma. This batch should reach you quickly enough; Asgar seems to be a promising young lad, strong as a shalk, and his quick wit makes for a nice change in this dreary place. Remember to ask him about the time he caught and rode a dreugh all the way to Narsis, he’ll have your inn rolling about in tears.

Lledras insists on sending you his account of the “incident”, make what you want of it. Convey my love to Liliah (along with a little gift for her).

Yours truly,

Read the rest of Lledras Sedrethi’s strange account here: Letters to an Innkeeper.

2 thoughts on “Skeletons and a Stolen Guar

  1. It’s such a great story, you really are a talented writer 🙂 I was wondering how you got all those awesome screenshots, a guild explains it!

    1. Haha, thanks! I have loads more screenshots of other events from my guild (some of them not so appropriate!), so I’ll probably be sending you more stories soon 🙂

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